Mobile Response Unit

The Mobile Response Program is geared towards youth between the ages of 13-17, who are either already in the dependency system or at risk for further involvement due to behavior problems they may be exhibiting either in the home or in the community.  The Mobile Response Unit provides a short-term, mobile, on-site, face to face intervention for the youth and their parent or caregiver, with the goal of stabilizing the situation until additional services could be put in place.  The Mobile Response Unit is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
The Mobile Response Coordinator meets with the youth and their parent or caregiver at their home or other community setting to complete an on-site evaluation to determine services that are needed.   After gathering all the information, the Mobile Response Coordinator works with DJJ and DCF to help develop a basic plan to provide stability to the family, and to resolve the crisis in the least restrictive setting and in the least intrusive manner.
Friends of Children and Families has had a positive response to our services as evidenced by 83% of participants reporting that they have not had any additional involvement with the DJJ system, 87% reporting that they were able to maintain the youth in the home, and 90% reporting that they were connected to a needed service.