Working at FOCF

What drives us?

We strive to make a difference in the lives of the youth in Central Florida. We know that everyone at some point in life will experience a difficult challenges, our staff is here to help guide and nurture the youth of Central into successful members of society.

What to expect?

One of the primary missions of Friends of Children and Families is to promote preventative services that help to strengthen children and families. Friends of Children and Families embraces the philosophy that in order to facilitate long-term and effective change, service providers must not only treat the individual, but also address their family, social, academic and community network.

What to expect once you join our team?

You will be joining an organization that strives for outstanding leadership, innovation, and expertise. Our employees use their creativity and talent to invent new solutions, meet new demands, and offer the most effective services/products in the industry. With your active involvement, creativity, and support, Friends of Children and Families will continue to achieve its goals. We sincerely hope you will take pride in being an important part of Friends of Children and Families’ success.

Apply Now with Friends of Children & Families

Friends of Children and Families is a drug free workplace, and an equal opportunity employer. Applicants are required to have background checks, drug test, and clean driving record.

If interested, please contact us and have your resume ready. Please also complete and send us an online application by clicking the button below: