01/11/16 National Mentoring Month

January is ‪#‎NationalMentoringMonth‬. In honor of all the great mentors who have helped our society, this month, I will showcase our great mentors here at ‪#‎FriendsofChildrenandFamilies‬.
Meet Mary (not her real name). Mary had a very good mentor who was very good at listening to her. Mary had an attitude of making the best of whatever situation she had. One of Mary’s goals was to get a job, so her mentor obtained a paper copy of an application and also worked with Mary in completing the application on-line. The mentor also roled played providing an interview and asking questions the interviewee may ask. Mary had not heard anything from the company, so Mary and her mentor went to the job location to introduce Mary to the manager. The manager looked up the application and then interviewed Mary right on the spot, and it was perfect timing since there were not a lot of customers. Mary got the job! Just a small example how a mentor can prepare our youth for Independent Living skills and for their future!