BREVARD COUNTY, FL – Friends of Children and Families, in partnership with Brevard Family Partnership, is pleased to announce the opening of a new group home in Brevard County. Friends of Children and Families, a non-profit organization, provides care for children who have been removed from their homes, due to abuse and/or neglect. The group home will have space for six males, between the ages of 13 and 17. Residents have already been selected and are set to move in by March 23, 2015.
The mission of Friends of Children and Families is to give abused and neglected children a safe and nurturing environment; one that gives them the opportunity to develop into well-adjusted and productive members of society. Their philosophy is that every child deserves to receive loving care and respect, and to be given the tools and resources that allow them to reach their full potential.
“The new group home in Brevard County is opening at a critical time. Due to the scarcity of residential group homes in Brevard County, many children who are placed in foster care are forced to move far away from the community they are familiar with. They are often separated from their siblings, other family members, and friends. Our home will afford some of these children the ability to maintain support systems they may have already established,” said Desmond Taylor, Executive Director of Friends and Children and Families. “Friends of Children and Families is excited to be working with Brevard Family Partnership and to be a part of the Brevard community. We are especially looking forward to having a positive impact for the children we will be serving.”
Friends of Children and Families was established in 2008, and currently, operates group homes in Orange and Seminole County. In addition to operating group homes, they provide mentoring, tutoring, respite, and assessment services. The organization is committed to “turning hurting into healing” by surrounding the children with positive role models who can assist them with overcoming the obstacles and challenges they encounter. For additional information about the agency and the new Brevard group home, call 407-273-8444 or visit their website at