What We Believe

  Untitled-4   We Believe That Every Child Has The Right: …to receive loving care and respect as a unique human being. …to grow up in freedom and dignity in a neighborhood of people who accept them with understanding, respect, and friendship. …to receive education, training, and career guidance to prepare for a useful and satisfying life. …to receive help in overcoming emotional, physical, intellectual or social deprivation. …to be cherished by a family of their own, either his/her family helped by readily available services and supports to reassume his/her care, an adoptive family, or a continuing foster family. …to receive help in understanding and dealing with family issues, and in developing confidence in their own self worth. “When I fight about what is going on in the neighborhood, or when I fight about what is happening to other people’s children, I’m doing that because I want to leave a community and a world that is better than the one I found.” –Marian Wright Edelman American Activist for the Rights of Children