Respite Care

According to the Center for Disease Control, caregivers of individuals with physical or mental impairments often pay a high price for their labor of love. Many experience extreme emotional or physical stress and cannot find time for themselves or their families. Additionally, a high percentage of caregivers report a decline in their own health. The National Respite Network highly recommends that caregivers use respite services before they feel overtired or exhausted. However, only 12% of caregivers ever take advantage respite services. Utilizing respite care services on a regular basis can provide massive stress relief, restore energy, and promote balance in the caregiver’s life. Friends of Children and Families, Inc. Respite Program provides intermittent, short-term and hourly relief for the families in Seminole County, Florida by taking care of an individual with Emotional, Behavioral or Mental Health Challenges in the home while care-givers are given the opportunity to handle errands, doctor’s visits or other activities. Respite Care Services consists of an assigned team of two respite care workers that provide a minimum of three hours of care a session and a maximum of ten hours per week in the home. The biggest advantages to in-home respite care are familiarity and convenience. Our professional staff members interact with a child in their normal environment while also learning family routines, dietary requirements and medical needs without inconveniencing the family with a strange setting. Friends of Children and Families, Inc Respite Program is a partnership with Community Based Care of Central Florida.