Group Homes

If children are unable to be placed with a relative or family friend, government case workers will place the child in an appropriate foster care situation. Foster care can take place in individual houses or private or public group homes. Group homes are an effective way to treat children whose needs will be best addressed in a structured environment. FRIENDS currently operates five group homes that provide foster care to children between the ages of 12-18, with a safe, nurturing home.

Our homes are located in Orange, Seminole, and Brevard counties and service children throughout the state of Florida. We provide each child with the basic essentials as well as offer activities that promote positive development and self- esteem. Through activities such as being on a sports team, attending homecoming, or going on a hike, these experiences allow our children to be children and gain new perspective in their lives. With the help of our staff, our mentors, and our volunteers we give them the support they need to continue on to be successful in the future. We continually assess each child in our care to ensure their complex needs are being met. Based on our assessments, we will make recommendations to the child’s case worker concerning their care, provided services, and continued placement in the group home.